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Escape to the countryside in this beautiful riverside cottage

Peak District perfection: holiday cottage in Bakewell - let by the week

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Baytree Holiday Cottage - Privacy Statement

We treat your privacy very seriously whether you interact with us on-line via this Web site or e-mail, whether we meet face to face or we talk on the telephone - it's all common business sense to foster a trusting relationship that underpins any commercial deal.

We promise:

  • not to take information from you without both your knowledge and consent
  • not to use any information that you provide for any purpose other than the reason that you intended. For example if you want us to reply to an e-mail then we will need to use your e-mail address to do so.
  • in particular that we will only use addressing information (e-mail, telephone, Fax or postal) when you have requested us to do so.
  • to store your information on our server in such a way that it cannot be accessed by any other user than the one allocated to you. Note that you are responsible for your password - choosing something which is not easy to guess (ie susceptible to a "brute force" guessing attack) and afterwards in keeping other people from having access to it.
  • to store all passwords in an encrypted (1-way) format which does not have a decrypting algorithm. This means that even our application support or hosting staff cannot tell you what your password is so please be careful with your master password in particular - our only option will be to set it to something that we can communicate to you in some relatively secure manner.
  • to always allow you the ability to administer your own details, including any subscriptions to mailing lists. This includes the deletion of your account such that it can no longer be accessed - even by you.
  • to use mailing lists at whatever frequency is originally advertised for that list or less if that is appropriate.
  • never to provide your details to any other company or organisation unless legally required to do so.
  • that if this company is ever the subject of a takeover then the owners will make one of the conditions of sale that the above list is honoured for all existing users and that you will be contacted by e-mail to confirm (default to be "No") your desire to continue using this site under the new ownership.

And if you are still sceptical:

We will also allow you to enter personal details that are blatantly incorrect (eg Santa Claus, North Pole, Mr M. Mouse et. al., ) unless in doing so we would be acting illegally, improperly or it would affect the system or other users, but:

  • Your use and benefits from this site may be impaired if you do this but we recognise that until we have established your trust then this may be your preferred option.
  • Note that some self-administration functions on this site will require verification via e-mail so you will need a valid e-mail address - even if only a temporary HotMail account if for instance you wish to (auto-)register for an account.
  • Your security level on this site will be restricted until further authentication of your identity is provided and a valid business "need for access" is established.
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